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HaKeves HaShisha Asar (The Sixteenth Lamb)

A group of children on stage.

A group of eight children on stage, all facing forward, half are standing with their legs apart and half are lying on their stomachs, propped up with their elbows. The ones on the floor have their legs between the standing one's legs. There are flowers on the edge of the stage. Most of the children are smiling. The background is a gradient of teal into soft magenta.

The play was designed with the world of a young child's imagination in mind.

Director: Hila Ben Gera
Lighting Designer: Carlin Greenfield
Special Thanks: Anna Savant.
Venue: The Abraham Joshua Heschel School, Roanna Shorofsky Theater

Photography by Gabe Godin via

Based on the eponymous Yehonatan Geffen book of poems, this play takes place primarily in a kindergarden child's imagination. It explores hwo children experience adventure and friendship. The set was designed by the director to convey the sense of a fairy-tale setting.

I balanced the vibrant colors on the set with a mostly pastel palette on the cyc, which set a happy, upbeat, fairy-tale feel for the play. During scenes that explored more intense feelings I used heavy sidelight and more vibrant cyc colors.

A group of children playing on stage

A group of children scattared about on stage. Also scattered about the stage are various objects which one might expect to find in a kindergarden including a tricycle, brightly colored furniture, and blocks. Above the stage two clouds are suspended. Upstage center two children stand with books in their hands and are facing the audience.

Bright colors dominate the play's kindergarden aesthetic.

Two children seated in front of a crayon fence and a multicolored chair.

Two children seated in front of a fence made out of oversized, multicolored crayons and a brightly colored chair. The crayons in the fence stand on end next to each other, and are about as high as the childrens' heads when seated. Both are wearing red shirts and blue jeans. The one on the left has long red curly hair, and the one on the right has short black hair. Both are looking up.

The play largely takes place in a child's imagination, as seen by the surreal set, which was designed by the Director.

Children on stage with moody lighting.

Two parallel lines of children, The front two are well lit, but still have strong shadows, the back four are less lit as they get further from the front. The two in front are wearing tee shirts and jeans.

Sidelight and shadows undescore some of the scarier scenes in the play.

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