Esther: Unmasked

Director: David Willinger
Playwright: Jake Friedman

Esther is back and better than ever. Come see it.

Venue: West End Presbyterian Church

Photographs by Miriam Rubin unless otherwise noted.

My first show as Master Electrician as well as lighting designer gave me a wonderful opportunity to design on a blank slate. The venue for this show had no built in infrastructure for lighting, which both allowed me to design my rig from the ground up, and meant that my already tight budget would be stretched tighter. Due to power considerations I used an all LED rig for the show, using Blizzard HotBox EXAs as front light, and an ETC ColorSource Deep Blue as a follow spot. To offset the cost of the LEDs I used ETC’s Nomad on my laptop as the console.

The show starts with a hard spot on the narrator. Photo by Jake Friedman
Haman’s solo. Most scenes in Haman’s office used a red wash.
Zev and Esther together in the slums of the city. A dirty yellow wash shows the audience that we have left the pristine world of the palace for the slums of the city.