Heschel High School Celebration of The Arts

Production Manager: Aliza Sebert

Venue: The Abraham Joshua Heschel School, Roanna Shorofsky Theater

Photography by The Heschel School

The Plethora of different acts required a broad range of lighting. Combining band numbers,  dances,  poems, and presentations The Celebration of the arts was a multifaceted event. Training two 9th graders as followspot ops just made the show more fun, and gave me a new kind of flexibility with lighting, plus I got to experence making a cuesheet for other people to run off of. With only a day in the space preprogramming was key, and I made extensive use of ETC’s Nomad software.

The Music Theory class – lighting around the projection screen made for an interesting challenge.
In Taberna
One of my favorite looks from the show. The Latin Class preformed a drinking song, so I was going for a middle-ages tavern look. I used the redshift on the tungsten fronts to get a warmer frontlight, and bright amber sides to fill it in. A brown Cyc completed the look.


The 12th Grade dance performance progressed from no fronts to full fronts over the course of the piece.