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11 Years Video Project

A large group of people walking towards the camera.

A group of about 30 people, mostly kids holding signs while walking down a wooded path towards the camera. The signs in the front say "WE HAVE 11 years to make a CHANGE!" and "We Have THE Power." Most of the people are wearing hats, some are holding insturments. The caption says "11 YEARS WE HAVE THE CHANCE."

Most of the exterior shots were filmed in one take with all of the campers.

Project Facilitator: Lisa Stein
Lead Educator: Aly Halpert
Director of Photography: Carlin Greenfield
Production Assistant: Rivka Pardue
Audio Engineer: Eren Slifker
Drone Operator: Sebastián E
Special Thanks: Sebastián E, Andrés R. D.

I was especially excited to work on a music video project with Eden Village Camp, where I was a counselor, that combined environmentalism and education. The campers had written a song about climate change, with the assistance of Eden Village Staff, and we created a music video of the song, as well as a video that featured interviews with campers about why they wanted to write this song. I worked with Project Facilitator Lisa Stein to create an overall concept for the music video; shot all the camper interviews and the footage for the music video; and then edited both into finished projects that the camp posted on its social media channels.

We had one shot to film a parade of campers, which formed the conceptual core of the video. We wanted to show the parade growing in force through the course of the video so we divided the camp into sections and had each group join the parade at a different point along the route. I operated the camera at the front of the parade, while Aly led the the singing.

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