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The Data Science Show

This show used our interview set, with the TV in the background displaying the logo, or other graphics

Executive Producer: Alessandro Maria Selvitella
Student Producer: Whitnie Twigg
Assistant Student Producer: Luis Alvarez
Student Technical Director: Carlin Greenfield
Producer/Director: Brent Childers
Graphic Design: Taylor Beavers
Graphics Programmer: Carlin Greenfield

I was with the data science show from our first air test through to airing episode three. As the graphics programmer I converted the show's graphics to our Ross Xpression from the slideshow images we had been given. I also helped create the show's color pallate, and designed the lower thirds.

As the show technical director I focused the cameras before the show, as well as setting up the videoconference tie in for episode 2, and troubleshooting problems during setup.

This show had out first on set interview of the run, requiring a three camera setup. We also fine tuned the white and black balance on the cameras for a much improved look.

For this episode our guest joined us via video conferencing software. We created a split view graphic so that we could show the host and guest side by side on air, as we would with a wide shot in the studio.

As our pilot there were a lot of details which we would fine tune through the remander of the run. The primary notes included re lighting the greenscreen to make it an even key, and resizing many of the graphic elements to fit better on screen.

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