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Our New Normal

Person standing in front of greenscreen, behind them is a desk labeled CollegeTV Fort Wayne.

A person in a green jumpsuit standing in front of a greenscreen. They have long red hair, and black boots. Behind them and to their left there is a wood desk which has the words CollegeTV Fort Wayne Written on it, and behind the desk there is assorted studio equipment. In the upper left hand corner there is a light hanging from a batton focused on the person.

As Part of the final episode I produced a segment giving a breif tour of the studio, control room, and server room.

Executive Producer: Art Herbig
Class Members: Katana Vongphachanh, Chandler Witzigreuter, Zach Sutton, Jared Thomas, Whitnie Twigg, Luis Alvarez, Jada Burtin, Carlin Greenfield, Anita Migna, Umut Boran.

The TV Production class I was part of in college produced this four episode series which aired on the College TV Station. Each episode every student produced 2-3 segments themselves, as well as helping to produce the episode as a whole.

As floor manager for the first episode I designed a lighting system which remained in use with minor modifications for the remaineder of teh show's run.

As the Graphics Programmer for the third episode I implemented a system which streamlined the process of running the graphics to the point that when I needed to Isolate during the episode's taping I was able to tech my replacement how to operate graphics for the show in under 10 minutes.

In addtition to setting the lighting and cameras for all in studio segments in this episode I produced the segments at 2:48, 9:24, and 45:37. I also shot the intersticial footage used at 17:13

In adition to editing this episode I operated the camera dolly for the cold open, operated the camera and designed the lighting for the segment at 30:48. I also produced the segments at 9:48, 13:02, 34:57, 26:49 and 36:34.

In adition to programming the graphics for this episode I also produced the segments at 21:34 and 56:42

In this episode I produced the segment at 18:57, and assisted with camera and graphics on the segment at 34:27.

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