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The Safe Zone Show

A man in a black shirt standing in front of a cream colored background.

A man in a black shirt is shown in front of a cream colored background from the waist up. Over his right shoulder the word "Gender" appears in large text. Uner that is a bulleted list which reads "-identity -expression -attribution." There is a rainbow gradient across the bottom.

The rainbow gradient across the bottom tied the slides in with the show's rainbow aesthetic.

Executive Producer and Host: Jordan Sanderson (He/Him)
Producer and Director: Carlin Greenfield (They/Them)
Staff Producer and Director: Brent Childers (He/Him)
Logo and Graphic Design: Christian Bronson (He/Him)
Graphics Programmer: Carlin Greenfield (They/Them)

As the graphics programmer I took the graphics concepts from the graphic designer and programmed it into our Ross Xpression system. I created two sets of master slides, one for fullscreen display over the host, and one for display behind the host on the greenscreen. I also designed the lower thirds for the show based on the graphics concepts.

During the taping I ran the graphics console and fed the director the graphics as he requested them.

We expected the footage which would be used as the pilot to be just a screen test, but it came out so well we decided to air it.

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